Where’s my black Messiah – Thoughts on diversity in the quorum of Apostles

The calling of new apostles in the church occassioned by vacancies left after the passing on of 3 members of the quorum
was an event to look forward to. The day for the vacancies to be filled finally came and 3 new apostles were called,  3 white males in their 60’s. Largely in keeping with the caucasian and geriatric history and tradition of the quorum.
I read with dismay the feelings of disappointment expressed by some over this lack of diversity in the quorum of twelve apostles. Apparently more than a few members were hoping for apostles of a different race, church background or country of origin. The problem with diversity however is that it is a doctrine of man! How? The Lord doesn’t see us as diverse. As far as He is concerned we are all one and the same, His children. He doesn’t care for our colour, country of origin or language, all earthly attributes.
Methinks there is a real danger in introducing this doctrine of man into the lord’s house. Nephi shares my sentiment and warns us accordingly in v20 of 2Ne 28, that in the last days: ‘ the devil shall rage in the hearts of the children of men, and stir them up to anger against that which is good. The calling of apostles regardless of what features they bear is good, and if you feel anything negative about it, I would suggest that this scripture applies.
He goes on to warn in v26 – ‘wo unto those that hearken unto the precepts of men and denieth the power of God and the gift of the holy ghost’. I would think that not many greater processes lend themselves to the manifestation of the spirit than the calling of apostles. Thus If diversity in the callings is a concern for you, I would suggest again that this scripture applies.
The footnote to v26 directs us back to ch 9 v 29 where we are told ‘but to be learned is good if they hearken unto the counsels of God’. I would hazard a guess that if you’re concerned about diversity in the quorum, you likely think yourself learned and well informed. Once more to you I say, read the rest of the chapter, it also applies. (PS – all of this applies to me as well)
This seeming tide of seeking for the church to be more like the institutions of the world is one that will lead many to apostasy. The fact that many of us are now learned, have access to vasts amount of information and multiple means to air our opinions is starting to make us feel like we are more informed than the brethren themselves and even God.
You just need to remember that the Lord’s church is just that, the Lord’s. There is no meritocracy as one would expect in a secular institituion. In the same vein, it is not a democracy so don’t necessarily expect a more global flavour or more diversity in representation in church leadership just because the church is becoming more global in its makeup. What the Lord says goes and that’s it.

The Lord choses certain people like he did the Israelites in the bible to bring forth his works. This act of choosing has never precluded the rest of his children access to His ultimate blessings. If anything, this choice has often become a stumbling block to the chosen people. As i understand it, the church as an organization is only a temporary one for the purpose of mortality, to deal with the limitations of being human. The real driver of the church is the gospel which is open to all who will accept it. The only thing that is eternal within the gospel is the family and the sociality that exists between us, not the church heirachy. Hence I doubt there’ll be apostles in heaven, only father, mother, brother, sister.

So i’m content not seeing a more diverse quorum becuase when i look at the brethren, i don’t see white old men, i see servants of God who have been chosen by Him. If I start needing to see diversity in the quorum then i will ultimatley be constrained to start looking for my black Messiah, oh tell me please where will i find my black Messiah. Yes i know where, my traditional African religion.